On the Canterbury plains of New Zealand, the purest of water is captured and bottled – at the source, eliminating contamination, giving you the best, pure, artesian water on the planet.


Real NZ water begins its journey from the most isolated part of the globe—Antarctica.

Water vapor is lifted by powerful, cold, katabatic winds across the ice-cold ocean before falling as rain in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The water then makes its way into underground rivers traveling toward the coast, ending up in confined aquifers undergoing natural filtration while gaining essential minerals along the way.

The water has been purified for more than 80 years by the time it flows up, out of the ground, into Real NZ bottles.


Real NZ has neither taste nor aftertaste.

Once you’ve experienced Real NZ water,

you’ll be surprised how quickly you

become a discerning consumer.

Real NZ has had water samples tested by reputable New Zealand laboratories,

confirming the purity and mineral content which, in principle,

benefit the body more than heavily filtered water.

With water this pure, we certainly don’t want the toxin Bisphenol A (BPA) leaching from the plastic bottle into your drinking water and thus into your body. Nor do we want BPA leaching into the soil at the landfill. That’s why we use only BPA-free bottles for Real NZ water!

You can relax, knowing that your body is being nourished – safely!

Our bottles can be recycled into fiber for roof insulation, polyester carpets and even the fleece used to make jackets by many of the top clothing manufacturers.







Hardness (as CaCo3):


Total Dissolved Solids:


The benefits of drinking PURE water are immeasurable.

Your body’s disease fighting capabilities are enhanced

when cells are well-hydrated.


Real NZ’s natural artesian water is bottled at the source, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It is the finest premium bottled water available in the United States.

Discerning consumers, sommeliers and top chefs prefer Real NZ because there is neither taste nor aftertaste, thus not affecting the flavors of food, wine and other beverages.

350ml Bottle

30 bottles per carton; 50 cases per pallet.

At 350 ml, our smallest size of bottled water is perfect for serving at the office, at events or even in school lunches!

750ml Bottles

18 bottles per carton; 40 cartons per pallet.

The 750 ml is our most popular size of bottled water – perfect for sale in convenience or grocery stores and in conference rooms.

1 Liter Bottles

15 bottles per case; 30 cases per pallet.

Our largest size of bottled water, the Liter, is ideal for those serious about hydration. It’s the choice of five-star restaurants and wine bars that wish to serve guests water with neither taste nor aftertaste.

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Real NZ Water

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